Gospel Balloon Bracelet Craft

This balloon bracelet made with the Gospel colors was one of our VBS crafts.  The full directions are at Michelle Paige’s blog.  The only difference in the way we made it is that we didn’t tape down each individual balloon piece.  Adults and teens just helped the little kids hold the balloons in place as they threaded on new ones, so they wouldn’t pop off the elastic.

I love how these look and the kids really like them, too!


You will get five pieces from each balloon.  These balloons can be found at any party supply store.


I would suggest cutting the balloon pieces ahead of time.  It’s not something that little kids can do very easily.


We handed out these cards with the bracelets, so the kids would know what each color symbolizes.  The design came from CreateBlog.com.  Thank you to the designer!


Note: Make sure none of the kids have a latex allergy before making these.  The latex dust in the balloons can cause an allergic reaction.

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