Holy Spirit Lesson Intro


For our lesson on the Holy Spirit, I wanted the kids to have a good overview of who the Holy Spirit is and what he does.  It’s a hard concept for adults to understand, let alone kids.  I found a whole bunch of Bible verses that talked about the Holy Spirit, and typed them up.  Then I printed them off, cut them apart, laminated them, and cut them apart again.

There are a few different ways to use these, but I think that next time I’ll put them in a basket and have each child choose one as they come in the door.  Then they can come up front one at a time and read their verse.  The younger kids can have an assistant or teacher read it for them.

We ended up with way more verses than we needed, so I quickly went through them before class and picked out the ones that I definitely wanted to use.  Some give a clearer idea of the Holy Spirit than others.

I’ll go back and try to find these so that I can list all the verses I used.  That will save you some search time!


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