Many Talents Object Lesson

Oh my, I can’t even remember when we did this lesson.  I need to do these posts in a more timely manner in the future!  For this lesson, we were talking about how each member in the Body of Christ has different gifts and talents.  To start off, I gave each of the children a name tag on a string that named a particular gift or talent, such as “singing.”  I handed them out one-by-one and talked about each gift and how it can be used in God’s work, then asked who wanted to have that tag.  Our group was small, so the kids got 2-3 tags each.  Once all the tags had been handed out, I started introducing props that matched one of the talents.  The kids had to guess what the prop went with, though!  For instance, I would hold up a feather duster and whoever thought I was describing their talent would raise their hand and guess that it was theirs.  The person with that name tag got to hold the feather duster.  It was super-fun and the kids really enjoyed holding their props.  These are the gifts/talents I came up with, and the prop used for each one.  Feel free to think of some more!

  • Carpentry – piece of wood
  • Cleaning – feather duster
  • Cooking/Baking – spatula
  • Encouraging Others – greeting card
  • Fixing Cars – wrench
  • Organizing – file folder
  • Painting – paintbrush
  • Planning – clipboard
  • Playing an Instrument – instrument
  • Public Speaking – megaphone
  • Singing – microphone
  • Sports – football
  • Taking Care of Children – baby doll
  • Teaching – small chalkboard
  • Tech – headphones
  • Writing – notepad & pen

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