Repurposed Bulletin Board into Prayer Board

We recently put up a prayer board at church where people can share their prayer requests.  I had a very large bulletin board sitting at home that was perfect for this.  The only problem was that our dog had chewed a bit on  the frame and on a little bit of the cork.  To remedy that, Decor Diva painted the frame black, which covered up the chew marks.  She also cut a large piece of canvas from a roll (another item that was sitting around my house) and adhered it to the board.  That covered up the chewed cork.  Then she used a stencil to paint the words on with black paint.  She affixed the board to the wall by drilling right through the cork in the upper corners.  The little baskets are actually soap dishes for the shower.  She took the suction cups off the back and screwed the baskets to the board, using washers to keep them on snug.  Finally, she put some prayer request slips in the baskets.  The push pins were mislaid, so they will be available shortly.  Then it will be ready for use!

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