If I Were A Missionary Sheet

This is something I came up with the morning of our lesson on Our Own Mission Field.  That’s why it looks so *ahem* professional.  We had talked about foreign missions for three weeks previous, so the kids had a better understanding of what a missionary is and what they do.  I wanted them to think about what they would do if they were missionaries and where they would go.  We got lots of interesting answers: Africa, our own town, Nigeria, China, Milwaukee, etc.  I also wanted them to think about what they would tell other people about God.  This is my daughter’s paper.  She wanted me to write it for her.

Once all the kids were done with their sheets, we had them stand up front on a chair and share with the class where they would go and what they would say.  It was a fun activity and it was really enjoyable to hear what the kids came up with.  Next time we do this, I’ll have to type up a real worksheet.

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