The Very First Easter by Paul L. Maier

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The Very First Easter is much better as a read-at-home book, or if you have a chance to sit down with one or two kids for an extended period of time.  It is about a boy named Christopher whose parents explain the significance of Easter to him.  It is dialogue and explanations between the family members, interspersed with quotations from Scripture which they read out of the Bible.  The conversational tone of the explanations makes the subject and amount of detail shared much more interesting for kids.  This is a Lutheran publication, so there is talk of saints (St. Paul), and other Christianeze (Holy Communion).  Generally though, the terminology is generic enough not to stand out to those who use different terminology, or it is easy to change as you’re reading.  I really like the illustrations.  The faces are so life-like and there is something about the way light is used to really brighten the pictures that is stunning.


Rating: Thumbs-Up

Age: School-age +

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