Scripture Block Craft

We did this craft for VBS.  The design on the front of the block is smeared because I don’t have permission to share it.  The Scripture card is from Mercy Ink.  Scroll down a bit and you’ll find the free download.  You can find similar cards if you do a Google search.  Print them on cardstock so they are strong enough to stay up.



  • 2×4 wooden boards
  • saw
  • tape measure
  • sander
  • craft wire
  • wire snips
  • pliers
  • staple gun
  • paintbrushes
  • paint (black & other colors you like)
  • paint trays
  • printed design for front of block (Something like, “I will hide God’s word in my heart.”)
  • glue
  • printed Scripture cards on cardstock



1. Cut 2×4 into 4″ lengths.

2. Sand edges to make smooth.

3. Paint front and back faces of block with black paint.  Let dry.

4. Cut off approximately 12″ length of craft wire and bend into shape so that it will hold a photo.

5. Staple to top of block.

6. Paint sides of block with whatever color you like.

7. Paint front of block with glue (over the dried black paint).

8. Lay printed design for front of block on top of this.  Smooth out.  Paint another layer of glue over the paper.

9. Write child’s name on bottom of block.

10. Let dry and the children can display their Scripture card in it.


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