Anger Object Lesson – 1

The first object lesson we did when talking about anger with the older kids was this crumpled paper one.  I asked the kids if they ever got angry at someone and said mean things.  Then I asked if anyone ever got mad at them–like parents, siblings, or friends.  I asked for some examples of things we say or that people say to us when we’re angry.  (Make sure you tell them ahead of time not to repeat any bad words or say really bad stuff.)  As each child said something, my helper crumpled up a half-sheet of paper and threw it to them.  When everyone had taken a turn, I asked them to smooth out their paper and make it nice and flat like it was before.  Of course this was impossible.  Then we talked about how when you say hurtful things to other people when you’re angry, you end up hurting them in ways that damage their spirit.  And it’s not easy to undo the hurt that you’ve done to them.  The final point was that when you’re angry, you should think before you speak.

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