Daniel and the Lion’s Den Snack

For a recent lesson on Daniel and the lion’s den, one of our teachers made these cute lion snacks for the younger kids.  Ours were a little sparse with the pretzel sticks, so the mane wasn’t as full.  If you use more pretzels it will look more impressive.  Here’s how you can do it:


  • pretzel sticks
  • mini pretzels
  • graham crackers
  • frosting
  • chocolate chips


Break the graham cracker into two squares.  Frost one square.  Lay pretzel sticks on frosting so that they radiate out from the cracker, resembling the lion’s mane.  Frost the other cracker and lay on top of the pretzel sticks, frosting side down.  Use more frosting to attach the mini pretzel as a muzzle, and the chocolate chips as eyes and a nose.

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  1. natasha

    Love this idea….thanks for sharing. I plan to try this out in our Sabbath school class. ..hopefully it won’t be too messy.

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