Christmas Card Workshop

One of our church outreach activities this year for the Christmas season was making cards for all the kids who will go through the line at the local food pantry.  We ended up making 50 cards.  I went out and bought some red and green card stock, plus some Christmas stamps.  In addition to that, I also brought my own personal supplies.  If you’d like to do something like this yourself, here is a list of the supplies you may want:

  • card stock (red, green, white)
  • Christmas-themed paper
  • Christmas stamps
  • ink pads (black, red, green, gold)
  • paper trimmer
  • scissors
  • glue/glue sticks
  • ribbon
  • lace
  • Christmas stickers
  • adhesive-backed jewels
  • embossing/die cutting machine
  • embossing folders & die cuts
  • paper punches
  • glitter glue
  • markers

I also have a few bits of advice for you:

1. Cut and pre-fold plain cards ahead of time.  This will speed up the process and you will have the correct number of cards to begin with.

2. Give the kids limited access to the craft supplies.  Anything you give them free access to can get ruined or used up.  Keep this in mind when deciding what to give them.

3. For the stamped images, it is easiest to have an adult/teen make the prints assembly line style.  They can stamp several of the same image in a row on one sheet of paper and then go on to the next stamp.  Another person can cut around the stamped images and distribute them to the kids.  This will keep the kids from getting full of ink.

4. Designate a specific place for finished cards to go.  Those that are still wet will have a chance to dry this way.

5. It may help to have sample phrases to write in the cards.  Some kids don’t know what to write.

I hope these tips help!  This was a nice fun, relaxing activity.  The kids had a blast being creative and they were the ones who ended up making most of our cards.

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