Turkey Cookies

We didn’t actually make these for kid’s church, but I thought they would be a great in-class activity.  Once the cookies are made, it’s easy for the kids to assemble the decorations on top.  I can’t believe it’s already time to start thinking about Christmas!


  • sugar cookie roll
  • candy corn
  • decorating gel/icing (orange, black, yellow)
  • mini M&Ms


Make cookies according to package directions.  Allow to cool.  Apply an arch of frosting across the top of the cookie where the feathers will be.  Cover this arch with candy corn pieces to resemble feathers.  Use icing to make small dots to attach eyes.  Place mini M&M eyes on small dots of icing.  Put small dot of black icing in center of each mini M&M to make pupil.  Use orange icing to make beak and legs.

Turkey Cookie 2

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