Bible Book Cups

All you need to make this fun learning tool is 68 foam cups with a wider lip, a Sharpie marker, and your Bible.  Write “Old Testament” and “New Testament” on two of the cups, making sure that you can read them when placed upside down.  Write the rest of the Bible books on individual cups.  Stack cups in order, topped with the Old and New Testment cups.  See possible uses below, or let me know if you have additional suggestions!


Ways to use this tool:

  • Relay race for competing teams.  Write a list of the books of the Bible, in order, on a whiteboard or similar.  Each child receives an equal number of cups.  Children must work together to assemble their tower quickly and in the correct order.  The team who finishes first and has the cups in the right order is the winner.
  • Individuals race.  For kids who have memorized the order of the Bible books, they can compete against one another to put their cups in order first.
  • Individual timed best.  A child can have somebody time how long it takes them to get the cups in the right order.  They can repeat the activity as desired to try and improve on their previous time.
  • Visual aid.  This is a good way to show kids that the Bible is split into the Old and New Testaments; that both Testaments are divided up into individual books; and to show how many books are in each.  You could go farther and record some basic facts about each book on the outside of each cup (such as when it was written, by whom, its theme, etc.).

The idea originally came from 123 Homeschool 4 Me.  Thanks for sharing this fun idea!

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