Praise God Snack

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We found Cheez-It Scrabble Crackers the other day at the grocery store and it struck me that they would be a perfect snack for Sunday School!

Realistically, you’d have to have a LOT of crackers if you wanted each child to be able to spell out the same word or phrase.  I recommend that the teacher go through the crackers before class (with plastic gloves on, of course) and spell out a chosen phrase that fits the lesson.

During snack the kids can have a handful of their own letter crackers, but they won’t necessarily be able to spell out a message.  Be sure to talk with them about how your chosen message ties into the lesson.

You could spell out any number of generic phrases, such as “Love God” or “Praise God.”  Or you could tailor your message to a particular lesson or theme, such as “Jesus Loves Children.”

The possibilities are endless–so let your imagination run wild!


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