The Story of Jesus by Jane Werner Watson

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Somebody donated The Story of Jesus (a Little Golden Book) to our children’s ministry.  Even though it’s dated (1977), it really is a little gem of a book.  The illustrations are detailed and engaging, and the story does an excellent job of teaching children about Jesus’ life with a simple and straightforward narrative.  I would highly recommend it for kids from preschool through the lower elementary grades!

I only have two criticisms of the book:

  1. There was a minor discrepancy between the simplified story of Jesus and the text in the Bible.  It says that when Jesus was a young man he met a prophet named John the Baptist.  Well, John was actually Jesus’ cousin, so I’m pretty sure they knew each other before they became young men.  It’s pretty easy to change your wording to let the kids know they were cousins.
  2. The vast majority of the characters look Caucasian.  For a story that takes place in the Middle East, I like to see people who look the part.  Again–not huge, but I like the for the kids to see authenticity.

Rating: Thumbs-Up

Age: Preschool +

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