Zacchaeus Handprint Tree

One evening I got this fun idea to take a child’s handprint and turn it into a scene with Jesus and Zacchaeus.  I love the result!  What parent doesn’t love artwork which incorporates their child’s cute little hand?


  • white paper
  • paper plates
  • paintbrushes
  • tempera paint: green, brown, blue (or other color for Zacchaeus’ clothing)
  • black marker (or any other colors you prefer)
  • baby wipes for cleanup


1. Paint palm of child’s hand with green paint.  Paint portion of forearm with brown paint.  Work quickly so paint won’t dry.

2. Have child spread fingers and lower hand and forearm onto paper to make tree print.  If necessary, apply more paint to child’s hand and/or arm to fill in blanks in the tree print.

3. Dip child’s thumb in chosen color for Zacchaeus’ and Jesus’ coats.  Stamp thumb in tree and down by tree trunk.

4. Child uses markers to turn thumbprints into Jesus and Zacchaeus.

Zacchaeus Tree 1

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