Snowman Oreo Snack

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I first saw this idea on Pinterest from Art With Mrs. Nguyen.  Thank you for the idea!  I couldn’t resist giving these cute snowmen a try for myself!  Although it isn’t even close to the Christmas season, I still wanted to make them because I’m quirky like that.  We discovered after making them that you need to coat both sides with the candy melt to keep the cookie from falling apart while you eat it.  Alternatively, you could only coat one side, but make sure to slide the cookie off the lollipop stick before eating it.



1. Line pan with aluminum foil.  Set aside.

2. Carefully insert lollipop stick at least halfway into Oreos.  Set aside on foil-lined pan.

3. Empty candy melts into microwave-safe bowl and heat according to package directions.

4. Use large spoon to put dollop of candy melt on front of Oreo and spread to cover entire half.  (If desired, you may cover both sides of Oreo with candy melt.)  Set aside candy-coated Oreos on pan to allow to harden.

5. Once candy has set, use decorating gel to draw eyes, nose, and mouth on candy-coated Oreos to make a snowman face.

Oreo Snowman 2

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