This or That Game

I made this activity to do at youth group as a way for the kids to get to know one another better and to see that we’re all connected.  (It would work great with younger kids, too!)  You fill a bucket with large craft sticks which have two choices written on each side, and the young people decide which they would choose.  The yarn is used to “connect” people when they have the same answer.  For instance, if I said that I would prefer a Dilly Bar over a root beer float, I would hold onto one end of the yarn and toss it to another person who also prefers a Dilly Bar.  Pretty soon you build up a web of yarn that shows how interconnected we are with one another.  Alternatively, if you want to skip the yarn, you could just use the craft stick choices as a fun get-to-know-you icebreaker activity.  The idea originally came from Amateur Craft Hour.

This That 1


  • large skein of yarn
  • jumbo craft sticks
  • Sharpie marker
  • adhesive Contact paper
  • scissors
  • ruler/tape measure
  • bucket w/lid


1. Cut long strip of Contact paper, about 2″ – 2 1/4″ wide.  Cut this long strip into pieces that match the height of the bucket.  If there is a lip that sticks out, you may not want to cover that part.  See picture below.

This That 2

2. Place Contact paper strips on bucket vertically, slightly overlapping the edges.  When finished it should look similar to the picture below.

This That 3

3. Write two choices on each side of jumbo craft sticks.  (See my list below, or come up with your own ideas.)  You can use both sides of the craft sticks.  Store craft sticks and yarn in bucket when not in use.

This That 4

This or That Choices:

  • dinosaur vs. whale
  • fiction vs. non-fiction
  • blood vs. vomit
  • super speed vs. super strength
  • country music vs. pop music
  • short hair vs. long hair
  • Mario vs. Sonic
  • broken arm vs. broken leg
  • picnic vs. concert
  • 1 million dollars vs. long life
  • polka dot vs. stripes
  • subway vs. bus
  • swimming pool vs. skating rink
  • angry bees vs. biting ants
  • glasses vs. contacts
  • rice vs. pasta
  • cows vs. horses
  • Olaf vs. Sven
  • Europe vs. South America
  • Halloween vs. Valentine’s Day
  • boogers vs. earwax
  • rhinestones vs. glitter
  • Africa vs. Asia
  • carrots vs. french fries
  • cowboys vs. pirates
  • Anna vs. Elsa
  • give a gift vs. get a gift
  • library vs. mall
  • cooking vs. baking
  • dishes vs. laundry
  • reading vs. movies
  • sleep in poison ivy vs. shark bite
  • cats vs. dogs
  • Superman vs. Batman
  • skunk spray vs. swirly
  • ice skate vs. roller skate
  • Star Wars vs. Star Trek
  • Iron Man vs. Spiderman
  • dance vs. no way
  • waffles vs. pancakes
  • loud vs. quiet
  • arctic vs. desert
  • bus vs. walk to school
  • snake vs. spider
  • rose vs. daisy
  • apple vs. banana
  • lightsabre vs. blaster
  • mow lawn vs. rake leaves
  • steak vs. seafood
  • comedy vs. action
  • rap vs. classical music
  • museum vs. zoo
  • J-Lo vs. Beyonce
  • coffee vs. tea
  • water park vs. beach
  • football vs. baseball
  • car vs. truck
  • summer vs. winter
  • Chinese food vs. Mexican food
  • bath vs. shower
  • pepperoni vs. sausage
  • Packers (your state’s sports team) vs. other team
  • Snapchat vs. text
  • no friends vs. no family
  • Disney vs. Pixar
  • cuddle a porcupine vs. cuddle a skunk
  • roller coaster vs. water slide
  • bird poo on head vs. step in dog poo
  • visit doctor vs. visit dentist
  • Android vs. Apple
  • mild vs. spicy
  • hamburger vs. taco
  • fruit vs. veggies
  • Facebook vs. Instagram
  • Swiss Cake Rolls vs. Twinkies
  • barefoot vs. shoes
  • pie vs. cake
  • hummingbird vs. eagle
  • public speaking vs. I’d rather die!
  • mountains vs. ocean
  • chocolate vs. vanilla
  • Princess Peach vs. Princess Daisy
  • hopscotch vs. jumprope
  • dentures vs. glass eye
  • shave eyebrows vs. shave head
  • Milky Way vs. Snickers
  • mouthwash vs. floss
  • depression vs. narcolepsy
  • TMNT vs. Kung Fu Panda
  • stubbed toe vs. sliver
  • Spring vs. Fall
  • mascara vs. lipstick
  • roller blades vs. moped
  • kiss a frog vs. kiss a stranger
  • tornado vs. hurricane
  • My Little Pony vs. Barbie
  • stinky armpits vs. stinky feet
  • motorcycle vs. 4-wheeler
  • airplane vs. ship
  • beef vs. chicken
  • badminton vs. volleyball
  • root beer float vs. Dilly Bar
  • join circus vs. join FBI
  • PlayStation vs. Xbox
  • Monopoly vs. Life
  • Luke Skywalker vs. Han Solo
  • lose sight vs. lose hearing
  • bad hair vs. bad clothing
  • outgoing vs. shy
  • newspaper vs. magazine
  • small dog vs. big dog
  • toothpaste vs. deodorant
  • passenger vs. driver
  • save vs. spend
  • amusement park vs. state park
  • gold vs. silver
  • aliens vs. ninjas
  • History vs. English
  • hide & seek vs. tag
  • beard vs. mustache
  • tapioca vs. pistachio
  • big nose vs. big ears
  • Doritos vs. Cheetos
  • diet soda vs. regular soda
  • tick vs. mosquito
  • entrepreneur vs. teacher
  • money vs. free time
  • iced coffee vs. hot coffee
  • arcade vs. bowling
  • Coke vs. Pepsi
  • online shopping vs. in-store shopping
  • alone vs. in a crowd
  • jogging vs. hiking
  • Netflix vs. Youtube
  • work hard vs. play hard
  • cardio vs. weights
  • new clothes vs. new phone
  • nice care vs. nice home
  • city vs. country
  • smart vs. super attractive
  • pork vs. fish
  • cotton candy vs. funnel cake
  • hot air balloon vs. submarine
  • classical art vs. modern art
  • work alone vs. work on a team
  • fast food vs. Mom’s cooking



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