Sunburst Painting

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We had a lot of fun painting these beautiful sunbursts, originally featured at Small for Big.  They would be great for a lesson talking about creation, how God is our light, or if you just want a fun project to keep the kids occupied.  Such a simple concept creates some really beautiful results!



1. Tape sheet of paper to table, overlapping tape with edge of paper to make a “frame” when it is removed.

2. Demonstrate to children how to work with watercolor paints.  They may not have experience with mixing the water in to reconstitute the paint.  You can also show them how the intensity of the color varies depending on how much water is added.

3. Trace around a small circular object near the center of the paper.

4. Use the ruler to draw lines radiating out from the central circle to the outside edge of the paper.  It should look like a sunburst.

5. Choose whichever colors you prefer to paint the sun and rays.

6. Allow picture to dry somewhat.

7. Carefully remove tape by pulling it away from the paper at a 90-degree angle.

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