The Littlest Angel – Movie

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Title: The Littlest Angel

Runtime: 24 minutes

It’s been quite some time since I reviewed a religious kids movie for the blog, so my kids and I watched The Littlest Angel yesterday.  Unfortunately, none of us had anything good to say about the movie.  The story was way off the mark theologically, it was inane, boring, and not very well done.  It reminded me of a cheaply done 80’s cartoon.  I couldn’t in good conscience show it in a church because it teaches things which are just completely wrong: that people become angels when they go to heaven, that the angels are petty and uptight, that God is far removed from the inhabitants of heaven.  Not to mention the fact that they show the little boy as having lived in a modern house, even though somehow he arrived in heaven prior to the birth of Christ.

I don’t recommend this movie because of its low quality and mistaken theology.

Rating: Thumbs-Down

Age: Up to school age

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