Serpent Sub

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If you’re looking for something fun to make for the Halloween season, you might want to try out this serpent sub.  I really like how it turned out!

  1. The bread itself is just a couple of Pillsbury French bread rolls.  If you put them end to end and shape them into S-shapes, they turn out looking like a snake.  I used a couple of Airbake sheets with one overlapping the other.  You’ll have to play around with yours to see what will fit in your oven.  I would suggest measuring before you put the bread on.  Before baking I cut a few V’s in the top with kitchen shears to give it a little texture.
  2. Bake bread according to package directions.  Once it’s cool, slice loaf in half horizontally.
  3. Layer all of your desired sandwich toppings on the bottom half: meat, cheese, lettuce, pickles, olives, peppers, etc.  Don’t forget your mayo or mustard!
  4. Use green and black olives to give the snake eyes.  Two triangles of white cheese make the fangs, and a strip of red pepper is the tongue.

If you want to check out the recipe, look for the Betty Crocker Halloween Cookbook.  The recipe is on page 72.  It was a big hit with our family and we ended up polishing off the whole thing.  One of the great things about this sandwich is that it’s totally customizable.  So if you have a child who doesn’t like lettuce or cheese, then leave it off and substitute something else.

Just have fun with it!

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