Duct Tape Clipboard

This is a fun craft to make if you need something to occupy the kids for a while, such as for VBS.  Plus it looks cool and it’s something practical that won’t just get tossed in the trash.  A little tip: One roll of duct tape is enough to cover two regular-sized clipboards.


  • plain clipboard
  • duct tape in preferred pattern (check Walmart or Amazon)
  • scissors
  • ruler


1. Cut seven strips of duct tape for the front of the clipboard, and seven for the back.  Back pieces should come within about 1/4″ of the edge.  Front pieces should be long enough to wrap around the front of the clipboard and slightly overlap the pieces of duct tape on the back.

2. First put on the back pieces of duct tape, making sure to keep them straight and slightly overlapping them horizontally as you place on each new piece.  Trim your last piece if necessary.

3. Next put on the front pieces of duct tape, starting below the clip at the top.  Make sure to keep the pieces straight and that they slightly overlap the pieces on the back.  Again, slightly overlap the pieces horizontally as you place on each new piece.  Trim at the end if necessary.

4. Go back up to the front corners and trim pieces to fit the uncovered areas, then affix.

5. Write child’s name in Sharpie on the back of the clipboard in an inconspicuous place.

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