Graveyard Cake

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My son requested that we make this totally tubular Graveyard Cake from the Betty Crocker Halloween Cookbook.  It would be excellent for any kind of fall gathering or potluck!  The thing I like best about this type of cake is that it doesn’t depend on stellar frosting skills.  As long as you can get a basic coating of frosting on there, the rest is fairly simple.  It’s just a matter of assembling the different components and arranging them on the cake.  This is my favorite way of decorating cakes.

Graveyard Cake 2

The chocolate trees are made from melted chocolate bark, while the headstones are Nutter Butters with “RIP” piped on in the same chocolate. I like how the chocolate bark works really well for making nice lettering. It doesn’t look sloppy at all.

Graveyard Cake 3

These are all the graham cracker pieces that we used for the little house/shack. You may end up breaking a few crackers as you try to cut them, so plan to have some extras on hand.

Graveyard Cake 4

Here is the assembled house. I ended up cutting the side pieces too short, so I just cut another little piece to patch the hole. No problem since it’s supposed to look dilapidated anyway. I reserved some of the green frosting to hold the house pieces together.

Graveyard Cake 5

I love how the trees turned out. Another thing you could do is break off the tree so that it looks like a dead tree stump. That looked quite realistic, too.

Graveyard Cake 6

A few more of the details: chocolate graham cracker walkway, candy pumpkin and Reese’s Pieces decorations, and gravestones scattered about. We forgot the crushed chocolate graham cracker crumbs around the headstones to look like dirt.

I hope you have fun making your own graveyard cake! Post a link below so I can see how yours turned out!

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