Zelda or Link Party Food

Well, I’m finally getting around to posting the food we had at my son’s Link birthday party. This party was so poorly planned, you wouldn’t believe it. The day before, we sat down to figure out the food and activities. I’ve been quite busy of late and extras like this have fallen along the wayside. As luck would have it, everything turned out fine and the kids had a great time. Check out all of our party food below!

Zelda Food 2wm

I had some really grand ideas for the cookies we were going to make, but because our plans were last-minute, we had to simplify.  I got two pre-made cookie dough logs.  My husband and son baked them and we let them cool so that we could decorate them the morning of the party.  We made both red heart Life Cookies, and yellow Triforce Cookies.

Zelda Food 3wm

I used Wilton decorating icing to decorate the cookies.  I didn’t even bother with tips, but just squeezed out some red heart shapes and yellow triangles.  So simple.  The other items in this picture are decorating pearls, and the chocolate frosting we used for the cupcakes.  (Side story here–the baking section of Walmart was completely picked over.  Not one container of white/vanilla/normal frosting, except 2 cans of this chocolate kind!)

Zelda Food 4wm

I’ve made these acorns before, but this time they were Guardian Acorns.  They are very simple to make.  Use icing to attach a snack-size cookie to the bottom of a Hershey’s Kiss.  Use a bit more icing to attach a butterscotch or peanut butter chip to the top of the cookie.  That’s it!

Zelda Food 5wm

Snack Pack gelatin was our Chu Jelly.  This was another item that was picked over at the store.  I wanted more colors, but this was all they had.

Zelda Food 6wm

Plain meatballs in the slow cooker became Dodongo Meat.  These were a big hit with the boys!  Go figure–boys liking meat.

Zelda Food 7wm

Bean and bacon soup became Elixir Soup.  Here was another thing that went over better than I thought it would.  Some of the kids added meatballs to their soup.

Zelda Food 8wm

For Cucco Wings I got a box of appetizer chicken wings with the sauce included.  I should have gotten two of these because they were very popular!

Zelda Food 9wm

We had one beverage and it wasn’t bright red to stain anything!!  Lemon-lime Kool-Aid became Energy Potion.  I sweetened it with flaked Splenda and it didn’t taste overly sweet at all.

Zelda Food 10wm

I am loving this new method of doing birthday cake at my house–make some cupcakes and let the kids go crazy decorating their own!  We had chocolate frosting, the leftover pouches of Wilton decorating icing (red/yellow/green), and the decorating pearls that were in forest colors.

Zelda Food 11wm

The tableware was all purchased at Oriental Trading, except the paper straws that we found at Walmart the other day.

The boys made little signs to go with each of the dishes. We messed up a bit on the chicken wings–we started off by calling them Ooccoo Wings. My husband graciously informed me that they should be Cucco Wings. Thank you, my dear.

I hope you’ve gained some fun and easy ideas for your Link/Zelda theme party. Let me know what you think or if you have any additional ideas!

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