The Berenstain Bears’ Easter Sunday by Mike Berenstain

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I was pleasantly surprised by The Berenstain Bears’ Easter Sunday.  I wasn’t expecting it to contain much that would really apply to a lesson, but it would work quite well in that capacity.

The Bear family goes to church, and the cubs learn about why we celebrate Easter.  They also talk about how chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs fit into the celebration, and whether or not they have any basis in the Bible.  They are taught that as long as they remember that those things are simply a celebration of Spring and that they have no basis in the Bible, it’s okay to enjoy them as part of the celebration.

One thing which you might not appreciate about this story is that Jesus and his disciples are depicted as bears.  That fits into the world of the Berenstain Bears of course, but it could be a little confusing for small children who might come away with the idea that Jesus was a bear.

Rating: Thumbs-Up

Age: Preschool +

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