Card Making Craft

I love making personalized cards for people and it struck me that this would make a perfect activity for older kids.  How many times are there people in your church who could use a note letting them know that you’re thinking about them?  It could be for a new baby, the death of a loved one, a get well card, a Christmas card, or just a thinking of you card.  Chances are there is someone in your church who would be willing to lend you a few card making supplies to use with your kids.  The materials listed below are only suggestions.  Just use whatever you can get your hands on.


  • plain cards & envelopes (look at Michaels or JoAnn)
  • patterned paper
  • scissors
  • glue sticks or runner tape
  • card making embellishments
  • washi tape
  • ink pads
  • acrylic stamps
  • die cut machine & dies
  • markers


1. Decide if you want to follow a specific card design, or just put out the supplies and let children come up with their own designs.  This will affect which supplies you provide.  If you’re following a specific design, make a sample card ahead of time.

2. Talk with the children about why you are making cards and who they are for.  Give the children a couple of minutes to decide who they are making one for.

3. Demonstrate some card making techniques for the children who have never used card making supplies before.  Also talk about the proper way to use the supplies.  You don’t want your supplies ruined.

4. Hand out supplies to the children.  You may want to pair children up so that they can share some supplies, such as the runner tape or stamp pads.

5. Allow children to work on their cards.  Walk around the room providing feedback and help when necessary.  You may want to clean the stamps as children finish with them so that someone else can have a turn with them.

6. As children finish decorating their cards, they can use some nice markers to write a personal note inside.

7. Collect extra supplies as the children finish and clean up.

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