Noah’s Ark Paper Plate Basket Craft

I absolutely love this craft!  It’s so colorful and fun, yet very simple to make with readily available supplies.  It’s a Noah’s Ark basket which holds animal crackers!  How fun is that?!


  • paper plates
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • crayons or markers
  • animal crackers


1. Make your own Noah’s ark paper plate ahead of time so kids can see how it is done.

2. Draw the cut-out shape for the roof of the ark on both paper plates (see photo above).

3. If you’re doing this craft with younger children, cut out the space below the rainbow and around the ark’s roof.  (You may have to go back in and trim the roof pieces once the plates are connected, to make sure they line up.)  If you’re working with older kids, they can probably cut out around the roof piece themselves.

4. Give children crayons or markers to decorate both paper plates with a rainbow on the upper arch, and the ark down below.

5. Line up both paper plates as best you can, colored sides facing out, and staple together along lower half of plates.  Don’t staple the rainbow part together, as these pieces are the handles of the basket.

6. Trim roof pieces if desired to make ark’s roof line up a little better.

7. Give each child a pile of animal crackers to put in their ark basket and they can snack on them after class.

That’s it!  So simple and absolutely adorable!

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