Real & Fake Church Rules Game

I came up with this silly/serious game to help the kids learn about how they’re expected to behave in church.  Since we are just beginnin the children’s ministry at our new church, I thought we should all start out on the same page as far as expectations go.

I typed up a list of fourteen real and fake rules, alternating between the two.  As I read each rule, the kids had to tell me if it was a real or fake rule.  The sillier you make the fake rules, the better.  Kids LOVE absurdity!

Below are my real and fake church rules, but feel free to change them up as fits your program/facility.

  1. Ask permission before taking out supplies and using them. (real)
  2. Run a lap around the chairs every time you come into the sanctuary. (fake)
  3. Throw your trash in the garbage. (real)
  4. Only flush the toilet if someone tells you to. (fake)
  5. Wash your hands when you’re done using the restroom. (real)
  6. Draw with markers on the walls to make them look pretty. (fake)
  7. Speak kindly to others. (real)
  8. Go outside without an adult. (fake)
  9. Clean up your own messes. (real)
  10. Shout loudly all the time, especially when people are praying. (fake)
  11. Don’t eat food in the sanctuary. (real)
  12. Bring squirrels and rabbits to church anytime you want to. (fake)
  13. Treat the church’s belongings and your own with respect. (real)
  14. Never, ever have fun at church. (fake)

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