Stewardship & Talent Lesson Intro

I used this simple object lesson to introduce our lesson on stewardship and talents.  The theme was how we can exercise good stewardship over our gifts and talents.

I wrote down five of my gifts and talents: baking, taking care of children, listening, crafts and reading.  (Really, these don’t need to be stellar gifts and talents.)  I put a gift tag on a small gift bag which was addressed to me, from God.  The sticky notes went inside.

At the beginning of class I made a show of getting a gift from God.  When I opened the bag I pulled out one sticky note at a time, said what it was, and stuck it on myself.  The kids and I talked about how those are all things that I’m good at and that God gave me those gifts and talents when He made me.  I then asked each child to tell me something they were good at.  We talked about how we can be good stewards by using our gifts and talents to serve God.  That segued very well into our main story about David using his talents.

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