Starburst Tithe Lesson Intro

This is a really easy way to introduce your lesson on tithing and grab the childrens’ attention.  You can do it with a couple of adult helpers or an adult and teen.

One person gives the other ten Starburst (or other individually wrapped candy) as a gift.  The person graciously accepts and is very happy with their gift of candy, as most people would be!  The person who gave the candy, then asks for one piece of candy back.

The second person doesn’t want to give up any of their candy, and they come up with excuses for why they can’t give it up and generally act unpleasant about the idea of giving up a piece of candy.

When you’re done acting it out, tell the kids how that situation is similar to us tithing our money to God.  He gives us all the money we have in the first place, but sometimes we get upset when he asks for only a small part of it back.

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