Bible Story Theatre: Poor Widow & Two Coins

For our lesson on Stewardship and Treasure, we acted out the story about the poor widow who gave two coins at the temple.  I had wanted to have some tunics made, but ran out of time, so I just had the kids pretend to put on their fancy clothing.  I told them that they were all rich and they got some play money in bills to put in the donation box at the temple.

One of the kids got to be the poor widow and only had two coins to put in.  The kids all lined up to put their donation in the box, and at the end was the widow with two little coins.  We talked about how when Jesus saw the woman, he said that she gave the most.  I asked the kids how that could be since she gave less money than everyone else.

The kids understood that the rich people gave only a small amount of the money that they had, but the widow gave all her money.  They really enjoyed acting out this story and had fun pretending to be the rich people!

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