Jesus & Peter Walk on Water Craft

For our lesson about faith, with Jesus and Peter walking on water, I planned this collage for the kids to make during craft time.  It’s a little finicky, but it’s very open-ended in terms of kids making it as simple or fancy as they like.  Some of our kids chose to draw the water and sun, while others preferred making theirs from paper.  I couldn’t find the original source for the Jesus and Peter figures I used, so I’d suggest just doing a search and using whichever smallish characters you can find.


  • White card stock
  • Blue tissue paper
  • Brown paper / paper grocery bag
  • Yellow & orange paper
  • Scissors
  • Crayons / markers / colored pencils
  • Glue / glue sticks
  • Printed Matthew 14:31 Bible verses (this is the NLT version)
  • Printed Jesus & Peter figures (sorry, I can’t figure out where mine originally came from)


  1. Cut the tissue paper into squares ahead of time.  Make a sample collage for the kids to reference.
  2. Give each child a piece of white card stock.  Glue tissue paper on for water.
  3. Color and cut out Jesus and Peter figures.  Glue on top of water, as if they’re walking on it.
  4. Cut out a boat shape from brown paper and glue to paper.
  5. Cut out yellow and orange paper to make the sun and glue pieces to paper.  With mine, I glued all the full-length sun ray pieces on, then trimmed the pieces that were hanging over the edge.
  6. Cut out the printed Matthew 14:31 Bible verse and glue to paper.  You could also let older children write out the verse themselves.

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