Bags for the Homeless

For our lesson on Stewardship and Talent, the kids assembled bags of supplies for some of the homeless people in our community.  We set up the supplies buffet-style and the kids worked in pairs to gather the items and fill the bags.  They also each drew a picture on an index card to include in the bag.

The point I wanted the kids to see was that they could do something concrete to help their community, even though they’re still kids.  Sometimes adults have to tailor an activity to make it possible for kids to serve.  They all enjoyed this activity and it led to some interesting conversation about the homeless and how we can help meet their needs.

I took the bags home with me and we’ll hand them out as we encounter people on the street — usually downtown or at the stop lights.

This is what we included, but the list isn’t exhaustive by any means:

  • Wipes
  • Kleenex
  • Band-aids
  • Pudding cup & spoon
  • Fruit bar
  • Crackers
  • Raisins
  • Hershey bar

Homeless Bag 2.jpg

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