Red & Green Answer Sticks

I made these answer sticks for the kids to use for a variety of activities in the classroom.  They can be used to answer yes/no, right/wrong, good/bad questions. One side is red and one green, with a nice sturdy handle for them to hang onto.  I tried laminating the thicker card stock, but that was a disaster, so I wouldn’t recommend it.  If you wanted to use red and green copy paper, they could be laminated with no problem.


  • Heavy green & red card stock
  • Baby bowl or other round object
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Large craft sticks
  • Clear packing tape


  1. Trace around baby bowl or other round object onto red and green card stock.  You will need one of each color for each answer stick you want to make.
  2. Cut circles out of card stock.
  3. Use double-sided tape to tape red and green circle together back-to-back.  Trim overhanging edges.
  4. Use packing tape to attach craft stick to one side of the circle.

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