Skittles Tithe Demo

For our lesson on Stewardship & Treasure, we did this easy demonstration to give kids a good visual for how much their tithe really is.


  • Lg. bag of Skittles
  • Med./lg. bowl
  • Small bowl
  • Med./lg. spoon
  • Napkins


  1. Review with the children what tithing is, and how much it is.  Tell them you’re going to see how much their tithe would be if they were tithing their Skittles to God.
  2. Use a medium/large spoon to scoop out ten scoops of Skittles into a med./lg. bowl.  Have the kids count the ten scoops with you.
  3. Now take out one scoop of Skittles from the bowl and put it in a smaller bowl (I used a silicone muffin cup).
  4. Review with the kids that you put ten scoops in the bowl, and out of those ten scoops you would tithe one scoop to God.  Look at the difference in how full each bowl is and note that a tithe really isn’t that much of the total amount.
  5. Divide up the Skittles among the children as a snack, if desired.

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