Pin the Flower on Mom Game

For our lesson on Mother’s Day, we played a game called Pin the Flower on Mom.  Sort of like we’re pinning a corsage on her shirt.  I used an old poster board to draw a picture of a mom (please don’t ask me why her hair looks like that) and then we put it on the wall with some sticky tack.  My daughter added the “Moms rock!” on her shirt.

Cut out some flower shapes (I used a metal die and my Sizzix Big Shot) and write each child’s name on the flower.  Attach a little sticky tack to the back of the flower, blindfold the child, and let them try to pin the flower to the mom’s shirt.

This is a very easy game to play and it’s one that most kids know and understand from birthday parties.  Thank you to Ministry-to-Children for the original idea!

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