Wheat Bundle Snack

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This is the snack we had for our lesson about Naomi, Ruth and Boaz.  They’re cute little bundles of grain that tie right into the story!  The original idea came from Shower of Roses.  Thank you!



  1. Separate the licorice into individual strands.
  2. Break or cut a piece of licorice at about the 2/3 mark.  Lay it on a plate or napkin.
  3. Gather a small bundle of pretzel “wheat stalks” and lay them on top of the licorice strand, towards the middle.
  4. Carefully tie the bundle with the licorice.  Don’t pull too much or the strand will break.


It’s difficult to tie the bundles tightly without breaking the licorice.  I tied them loosely and then inserted another pretzel stick into the bundle to make it tight.

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