Family Necklace Craft

The kids made necklaces for one of our lessons on families.  I bought a wide variety of beads and asked them to pick one bead that would represent each member of their family.  Some of them wanted more beads than that, so we went along with it and let them add to the necklace.  One little girl planned on giving her necklace to her daddy who is deployed overseas.


  • Necklace cording (I bought some that was stretchy at Joann and Walmart)
  • Variety of beads (make sure the holes are large enough to allow the cording through)
  • Tape
  • Scissors


  1. Cut a piece of cording for each child, checking that it’s the length they desire.
  2. Let kids choose beads from your assortment.  It’s helpful to have them divided by type and arranged neatly (buffet-style).
  3. Tape down one end of the cording to the top of the table.  This will keep the beads from sliding off the end.
  4. Let kids put the beads on their necklaces.  Talk with them about their bead choices and how each one represents their family member.
  5. Remove the tape from the cording and carefully tie off the ends to secure the necklace.

Family Necklace 2.jpg

The original idea came from Ministry-to-Children.   Thanks for the inspiration!

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