Four Friends & Paralyzed Man Teddy Graham Snack

For our lesson about the paralytic whose friends carried him to Jesus and lowered him through a hole in the roof to be healed, we made this cute and simple snack.  You will want to keep the frosting refrigerated until you’re ready to use it, otherwise it won’t be stiff enough to keep the Teddy Grahams upright.  Thank you to Almost Unschoolers for the original idea!


  • Graham crackers
  • Teddy Graham cookies
  • White frosting


  1. Dab four blobs of frosting onto a plate, roughly where the four corners of the graham cracker will be.
  2. Place four Teddy Grahams so they are standing upright in the blobs of frosting.
  3. Break the graham cracker in half and gently place on top of the upright Teddy Grahams, like a mat.
  4. Set another Teddy Graham on top of the graham cracker.

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