Joseph in the Well Game

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First, I’ll tell you how I made the little wooden Joseph figure above, and then we’ll talk about how to play the game.  If you give yourself a week or two to make the figure, you won’t feel rushed trying to get it done right before the lesson.  Thank you Adventures in Mommydom for the original idea!


  • Decorative wooden doll people (I got this pack which comes with a variety of shapes & sizes)
  • Clear satin varnish (I used this one and was pleased with the results)
  • Variety of acrylic/enamel paints
  • Pencil
  • Small paintbrushes
  • Paint palette/heavy paper


  1. Use the pencil to lightly draw the design you want on your peg person.  Think about where you want the hairline, arms, neckline, etc.
  2. Decide on the colors you want for Joseph’s coat, his skin and hair, etc.
  3. Shake the paint bottles, then squeeze out a small amount of each paint onto a palette or piece of heavy paper.
  4. Use your small paintbrushes to start filling in the details on your figure.  You will want to take your time with this and do it in several stages.  Paint an area and let it dry so you don’t smudge the paint.  You may also have to apply a second coat if your paint isn’t covering well.
  5. Once the figure is painted the way you like it and has dried, apply the clear varnish and let it dry.  You may want to apply a few coats of varnish for extra durability.



  • Set up a chair with a back in an open space, and place an empty bucket on the floor behind the back of the chair.
  • Children take turns kneeling on the chair and trying to drop the Joseph figure over the back of the chair to make him land in the well.
  • Give each child several turns and see who can get Joseph in the well the most times.


Joseph in the Well Game 2.jpg

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