We Are All God’s Children Craft

I love how this craft turned out!  Seeing all of the kids’ cute little handprints just sort of melts me heart.  🙂  We did this craft for one of our lessons on families, and while it can be a little finicky (especially with a large group), I think it is totally worth the results.  I hope you get to try this one!  Thank you to Cindy deRosier for the original idea!


  • White card stock
  • Variety of paints
  • Lg. paintbrushes
  • Paper plates
  • Variety of colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Pens/pencils


  1. Give each child a piece of card stock.  Ask them to write their name in the bottom corner of the paper to keep track of whose is whose.
  2. Squirt a bit of each color onto separate paper plates.  Designate one paintbrush per color.
  3. One at a time, ask children which colors they want to make their handprint.  (I let them choose up to three.)
  4. Help child paint their hand as desired, then stamp it onto their paper.  Repeat if the print comes out splotchy.
  5. Set hand print aside to dry and pass child on to a helper who can help them clean their hand.
  6. Let each child pick out a smallish piece of colored card stock that they want to use for their heart.
  7. Help children who don’t know how to draw and/or cut out the heart shape.
  8. Write “We Are All God’s Children” in the middle of the heart.
  9. Once the handprint is dry, glue the heart in the middle of the hand.


God's Children Handprint 2

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