Barbell Snack

I saw this treat on Pinterest and had to find a way to incorporate it into one of our lessons.  It’s perfect for Father’s Day or any lesson where you’re trying to emphasize strength (ie: being strong in the Lord, Samson’s strength, etc.)  Thank you to CandiQuik for the original idea!


  • Keebler Fudge Stripes cookies
  • Lifesavers Gummies candies
  • Snyders “Dipping Sticks” pretzels or pretzel rods


  1. Look at both pictures in this post and decide if you want to make the barbell with the “dipping sticks” (top) or a regular pretzel rod (bottom).
  2. Thread the Lifesaver Gummies and cookies onto the pretzel according to the photo.  Dipping sticks work best with one cookie on each end, and a gummy on each side of the cookie to keep it in place.  For the pretzel rod version, you can have up to three cookies on the end of each barbell.  (You might want to base your decision on how substantial you want the snack to be.)
  3. Voilà — you’re done!  Children can make this snack themselves, but it could get frustrating for younger kids because you have to stretch the Gummies to get them on the pretzel stick.

Barbell Snack 2

Barbell Snack 3

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