The Call of a Lifetime by Keith Drury

This post contains an affiliate link. The children’s ministry director of one of our parent churches sent this book to me.  It’s one she had to read in school.  The Call of a Lifetime was very helpful for where I am right now in my journey.  It talks about the difference between God’s leading (to […]

Clown Quotes Booklet

I’m not sure where I got this little booklet of quotes.  It may have been a handout from Clown Camp 2009, leftover from a previous year.  Or was it from the Clown Forum prop swap?  I can’t remember.  No matter, it’s a little gem either way.  A compilation of quotes regarding clowning, it was put […]

If I Were A Clown By Floyd Shaffer

This post contains an affiliate link. I recently finished reading a clown ministry book by Floyd Shaffer, titled If I Were a Clown.  Each chapter has a main thought that he expands on and illustrates, using a fair number of personal anecdotes.  I always enjoy reading an anecdote that illustrates a point.  This book is […]