Scripture Block Craft

We did this craft for VBS.  The design on the front of the block is smeared because I don’t have permission to share it.  The Scripture card is from Mercy Ink.  Scroll down a bit and you’ll find the free download.  You can find similar cards if you do a Google search.  Print them on […]


I Can Pray Craft

Another activity for our hands-on prayer lesson was making these “I Can Pray When I…” spinning wheels.  The design comes from Crafting the Word of God.  It has pictures for when a child is eating, washing dishes, going to bed, and playing.  It helps kids realize that they can talk to God anytime, not just […]

If I Were A Missionary Sheet

This is something I came up with the morning of our lesson on Our Own Mission Field.  That’s why it looks so *ahem* professional.  We had talked about foreign missions for three weeks previous, so the kids had a better understanding of what a missionary is and what they do.  I wanted them to think […]

Wise & Foolish Builders Craft

For our lesson on the wise and foolish builders, the kids built these paper houses.  They are a little involved, so you will want to have extra helpers or pair an older and younger child.  The teacher cut all the pieces out ahead of time and the kids got to color them, then they had […]

Clothespin Airplane

We made these one night when we were offering childcare for a Parents’ Night Out.  It’s easy to make and can be customized (look up “clothespin airplane” and you’ll find some fancy ones).   Supplies: – wooden clothespins – craft sticks (we used colored ones) – glue gun & glue – craft foam – scissors […]

Gospel Balloon Bracelet Craft

This balloon bracelet made with the Gospel colors was one of our VBS crafts.  The full directions are at Michelle Paige’s blog.  The only difference in the way we made it is that we didn’t tape down each individual balloon piece.  Adults and teens just helped the little kids hold the balloons in place as […]

God’s Word Puzzle

Another activity we had for our hands-on Bible lesson was this Scripture puzzle.  We started with a large piece of card stock and the kids looked up their favorite Bible verse, or paged through until they found one they liked.  Then they wrote it on the paper.  Little kids had help from a teacher or […]

Lord’s Prayer Booklet

At one point we had a practical lesson on prayer.  There were a variety of stations where the kids could either practice prayer or make something for use in prayer.  At this station they made a little booklet with the Lord’s Prayer in it.  The words do extend very close to the edge, so we […]

Holy Spirit Headband & Streamers

For our lesson on the Holy Spirit the kids made flame headbands and these streamers to remind them that there was a sound like rushing wind.  The streamer idea came from our Sunday School teacher who is still going strong in her 80’s.   Holy Spirit Streamers Supplies: – crepe paper (red, yellow, orange, blue) […]

Let the Children Come Craft

One of our lessons was about what God thinks of children.  Our craft was a group endeavor.  I printed off Luke 18:16b, “Let the children come to me.  Don’t stop them!  For the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these children.”  One of the kids cut this out and taped it on […]

Friendship Wreath Craft

We made a very simple craft for our lesson on friendship.  Everybody worked together to make a handprint wreath using whatever color of paint they wanted.  Just label it, tack it up and you’re done! A quick tip: Have someone on hand dedicated to helping the kids clean their hands off.

Joseph’s Colorful Coat Craft

When we did our lesson on Joseph, the theme was forgiveness.  Obviously Joseph had a lot of opportunity to practice forgiveness in his life!  For our craft, I quickly free-handed some jackets on paper (some kids chose to draw their own).  Then the kids got to have fun decorating their coats as colorfully as Joseph’s.  […]

Painted Heart Cross Craft

We made this cute little heart cross craft quite a while ago, and now I can’t remember which lesson it went with.  It could be used for any number of lessons, really.  The pattern can be printed off from The Crafty Classroom.  We tried both the traditional rainbow, as well as the colors to share […]

Jonah Craft

For our lesson on Jonah we did this whale craft from DLTK.  We used blue paper plates to simplify so that we wouldn’t have to wait for paint to dry.  If you only have plain plates or would like to save some money, you could just paint paper plates ahead of time.

Being Sad Craft

For our lesson on being sad, the kids did a very simple craft project.  They each got a paper plate and drew a picture of themselves with a sad face.  I had printed out Psalm 34:18 and cut out the strips.  The kids glued this on the back.  That’s it!   “The Lord is close […]

Body of Christ Craft

This craft is so simple and it’s a great visual teaching tool! Supplies: – butcher paper – markers -scissors Method: 1. Roll out the butcher paper and trace around somebody’s body.  I did this before class. 2. Cut the body tracing off the roll and lay it out on a table. 3. Talk to the […]

Prayer Board Craft

This week we’re having a lesson on prayer, but the focus is more practical.  We’re simply talking about how prayer keeps us close to God and then practicing some different ways to pray that are accessible to kids.  This prayer display board is one of our activities.  This is a sample I made last night.  […]

Mother’s Day Card #3

Here’s the final design we did for Mother’s Day, from  Both of the boys in my class chose this one–they really like saying, “pea.”  Imagine that.  😉 Save

Mother’s Day Card #2

Here’s another card from  This is probably my favorite of the three we did this year.  Unfortunately, my yellow paint ended up looking a little green.  I should have done two coats of yellow. Save

Mother’s Day Card #1

We offered the kids three different choices of cards to make on Mothers Day.  This cute card it very easy to make and it earns keepsake points because the flowers are made from the child’s fingerprints.  The original idea comes from Inside I wrote  “If moms were flowers, I’d pick you!” Save