Face Paint – Giant Panda

Here’s my interpretation of a giant panda. Save Advertisements


Face Paint – Rocket

Here’s another cool design for the boys.  I can’t remember where I got the idea for this one.  It’s an awfully cute little rocket, though! Save

Face Paint – Dragon Mask #1

This is a cutesy dragon mask for young boys (or girls).  Use a split cake to achieve the mixture of gold and green, or whatever colors you want to use. Save

Face Paint – Robot

Here’s a robot that I painted on my son several years ago.  It’s fairly simple, you just have to make sure the child will sit still long enough for you to finish. Save

Face Paint – Day of the Dead Skull

I painted this on my husband back when I first started face painting.  If you look closely you’ll see that the lines are not very elegant.  Still, I was pretty pleased with the results.  It’s meant to resemble a Day of the Dead Skull.  It may make some people squeamish, but if you know anything […]

Face Paint – Spiderfly

This is another one of my most popular designs.  I call it the Spiderfly–half Spider-Man, half butterfly.  The boys like it a lot!

Face Paint – Fuzz Ball

I really don’t know what to call this furry little guy.  Feel free to change his name.  Whatever he is, he was one of my most popular designs. Save

Face Paint – Spider-Man 2099

I painted this design quite awhile ago for a contest.  It’s my take on Spider-Man 2099.  My husband knows all bout Spider-Man; I do not.  If you encounter a huge Spidey fan while painting, they might appreciate this design. Save

Face Paint – Sailboat

This is a boat design that I practiced from Three Minute Cheek Art by Roberta Mandella.  It’s a fun little book with some impressive cheek art. Save

Face Paint – Bruise

This is what happens when you play around with a Ben Nye bruise wheel.  Boys enjoy getting fake bruises if you’re offering face painting.  You could also do some SFX bruising for appropriate dramas. Save