Walking on Water Demonstration

As a fun little activity to go with our Jesus Walks on Water lesson, we made a cornstarch-water mixture for the kids to simulate walking on water.  If you mix cornstarch and water in the right proportions, you’ll get a non-Newtonian fluid.  If you lay your hand on it, it will sink in and feel […]

Loaves & Fishes Game

For our lesson on Jesus feeding the 5,000 the kids played this loaves and fishes game.  Fill two tubs/trash cans with crumpled newspaper.  Cut out loaves from brown card stock/scrapbook paper, and fishes from the same kind of paper, making them whatever color you like.  I cut out more than enough for each child to […]

Zacchaeus Game

Also for the Zacchaeus lesson, we played “Pin Zacchaeus on the Tree.”  The Zacchaeus figure came from a coloring page at supercoloring.com.  I saved the file, cropped Zacchaeus and saved as a new file, and printed him out.  Then I colored him, cut him out, laminated him, and cut him out again.  I drew a […]

Pom Pom Popper

I made these poppers for my son’s birthday party (I know–pink!), then brought them to church to let the kids blow off some steam with them.  I got the idea from ComeTogetherKids.com.  Since we were indoors, we used pom poms, but it would be fun to use mini marshmallows outside–as long as you don’t mind […]

Find the Frogs Game

Do you like my beautiful laminated froggies?  In an insane fit of ambition, I made (with the help of my kids) 193 paper frogs.  Never again!  Anyhow, we made them for a game that we played during our Moses & the Red Sea lesson.  (Remember the plague of frogs?)  Basically, they are meant to be […]