Classroom Rules

I just wanted to share with you our current classroom rules.  These were adapted from the rules at a camp that my son attended.  I printed them quite large, mounted them on colorful paper and finally laminated them. Classroom Rules: Listen when someone else is talking. Keep your hands, feet and all other objects to […]

Teen Volunteer Fundraising Purchases

Here’s a topic that will come up if you do children’s ministry for any length of time.  Teen helpers will at some point ask if you want to buy something to help them fundraise for “XYZ.”  It may be to help them raise money for band, a field trip, a missions trip, or something else.  […]

Dealing With Conflict

I just had a very interesting situation come up in which I had to deal with conflict that surfaced through a series of emails.  Our group of children’s ministry volunteers was discussing how to deal with a particular concern that had come up and some unhappy words were shared by someone feeling frustration.  What to […]

I’m Back!

Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t posted here since May!  What can I say, except that life has been busy and I had to pick and choose my activities carefully.  Obviously, this blog took the back burner.  I’m back and ready to post again.  I have quite a bit to catch up with!

Allergy Alert Sign

We have a little guy who is severely allergic to peanuts, so I thought it would be prudent to post a sign notifying people of the fact.  Before the sign was up, kids would bring in snacks that contained peanuts/peanut butter, if they happened to be sitting out on our “big church” snack counter.  The […]

I Quit!

Have you ever wanted to say that, or shout it in front of the entire congregation using a megaphone?  Have you ever followed through on that threat?  I have said it more than once (through the right channels), but thus far haven’t actually done it.  There have been many times when I’ve wanted to quit […]

Ministry For the Naïve

Way back when, when I was a teenager and new Christian, I had a crazy dream of becoming a missionary someday.  I wore rose-colored glasses and saw the world as a big, jolly, fun place.  A place that I would be happy to experience and where people would be warm, welcoming and understanding.  A place […]

Thrift Store Shopping for Your Kid’s Ministry

I know it can come off as tacky getting supplies for your kid’s ministry at a thrift store.  I’m here to say it can be done, though.  Shopping for our supplies at a thrift store is not something I do regularly, but if I happen to be there anyway and something jumps out at me, […]

Teen Sunday School Teachers

Does that title make you feel a little panicky?  It would have panicked me just a few months ago. Things have changed, though.  Last Sunday we had our first teen (actually pre-teen) teach a lesson.  I was supposed to be her helper in teaching the preschoolers, but one of my own children got sick.  We […]

Late Out of the Gate

I’ve been wanting to do a children’s ministry blog for some time now, but it seems like there are always fifty other things vying for my attention.  A blog kind of comes last.  I’m starting to get into the groove of doing Kidmin, so I feel a little more relaxed and able to do this […]