Photo Attendance Sticks

I am so in love with this method of keeping track of who is at Sunday School.  We use a clipboard with an actual attendance sheet too, but these photo sticks are so awesome!!!  If something could kill you with cuteness, I think these would. Materials: Camera Scissors Laminator & laminating pages Large craft sticks […]

Red & Green Answer Sticks

I made these answer sticks for the kids to use for a variety of activities in the classroom.  They can be used to answer yes/no, right/wrong, good/bad questions. One side is red and one green, with a nice sturdy handle for them to hang onto.  I tried laminating the thicker card stock, but that was […]

Stress Ball to Help Kids Focus

This post contains an affiliate link. There are a couple of kids in our children’s ministry who have excess energy and great difficulty sitting still (my son being one of them).  Some kids just need to move so I thought, why not get them Stress Balls that they can squeeze during the lesson when they […]


There is a supply closet in one of our rooms that the kids like to raid.  It has all of our art supplies, games, etc.  It’s no wonder they want to go in there!  However, it really is not set up to be accessed by kids, nor is it safe for the little ones.  I […]

No Snacks or Toys Sign

We have issues in children’s church with kids bringing in toys that are distracting, or a cup full of snacks from the snack counter.  In the past it has been a disruption to the class.  To help curb that behavior, we’ve now put up a sign on the door that tells kids to put their […]

Lesson Display Board

At some point along the way, I decided it would be nice to have some sort of display so parents would know what their kids are learning about and doing in Sunday School.  I just happened to have this weekly bulletin board sitting up in my craft room and with a bit of thinking, figured […]

Paper Scrap To-Do List

If you’re anything like me, you at all times have about 100 things that you need to accomplish.  This post is specifically about ministry tasks, but it applies equally well to any to-do list.  There are many different areas of your ministry that will need attention, everything from paperwork, to training, to purchasing.  So how […]

Free Newsletter Generator

To send out our monthly parent newsletter, I use MailChimp.  It’s free for us because we have fewer than 2,000 subscribers.  I’ve been using it for several months, and so far I don’t have any complaints. I’m able to use the previous month’s newsletter as a template for the current month, so that helps save […]

Facebook Fanatics

Here we go with another post about an online time-waster you can use in Children’s Ministry.  Facebook is the culprit this time.  Seriously, I use it quite a lot, and not just to wile away the hours on silly stuff. These are the ways I’ve found it to be useful: 1. Keep Updated on People […]

Pinterest Junkies

Let me just start by saying that I held off on joining Pinterest for a looong time.  I really dislike doing things just because everyone else is.  Eventually, though, I felt the need to check out this website that everyone was raving about.  Now I concede that they were raving with good cause. I use […]