Mary & Martha Stick Puppets

For our lesson on Stewardship and Time, we told the story of Mary and Martha using these stick puppets.  They are from and you can go to their site to print them for free.  Yay — I love free printables that make my life easier! The background is the size of a regular sheet […]

Love and Service Go Hand in Hand Craft

I saw a printout like this on Pinterest, so I created my own version to use for our lesson on Stewardship and Talent.  I wanted the kids to remember that love and service go together. Here’s my original file for you to print and use.  The children trace their hands in the open area, then […]

God Wants Me to be a Good Steward Coloring Sheet

I found these cute coloring sheets at Christian Preschool Printables.  For our lesson on stewardship, we talked about different ways that we can be a good steward.  Though this coloring sheet has a decidedly Earth Day vibe, we talked about all kinds of things and I encouraged the kids to think of ways they could […]

Belt of Truth Craft

We’re doing a series on the Armor of God, starting with the belt of truth.  As our craft we made these simple belts.  The verses we wrote on the belt sections were Psalm 109:19, John 8:32, John 14:6, and John 17:17.  We cut a piece of sturdy ribbon long enough to be tied around the […]

Bible Verses for a Fearful Child

A friend of mine at church notified me that her son is reporting some disturbing things to her, from time to time.  He says that God is telling him that bad things are going to happen, like people getting hurt or dying.  She’s concerned about what to tell him, not wanting to scare him too […]