Dealing With Conflict

I just had a very interesting situation come up in which I had to deal with conflict that surfaced through a series of emails.  Our group of children’s ministry volunteers was discussing how to deal with a particular concern that had come up and some unhappy words were shared by someone feeling frustration.  What to […]

The Call of a Lifetime by Keith Drury

This post contains an affiliate link. The children’s ministry director of one of our parent churches sent this book to me.  It’s one she had to read in school.  The Call of a Lifetime was very helpful for where I am right now in my journey.  It talks about the difference between God’s leading (to […]

My Dream…

I have a dream that I haven’t shared with very many people, except a few close friends and my husband.  Someday I want to go to churches that have very limited resources and help them with children’s ministry training.  This could be overseas or it could be at small churches in the US.  I don’t […]

Children’s Ministry Magazine

A subscription to Children’s Ministry Magazine is a great way to keep your team updated on the recent trends and information about children’s ministry.  I got a two-year subscription and was able to save some cost that way.  Each issue has several feature articles, resource recommendations, age-level insights, current news about kids and what they’re […]