Bible Story Theatre: Abraham & Sarah Have a Baby

For our story about Abraham and Sarah having a baby in their old age (see Genesis 17-18 & 21), the kids acted it out.  It’s a very simple story.  I chose to read only excerpts from the story, cutting out the bits that were repetitive or not specifically about the coming baby. All you need […]

God’s Word Lesson Intro

One of our lessons focused on God’s Word and how it is like a gift to us.  I wrapped up a Bible in gift wrap (Christmas paper was all I could find) and attached a gift tag that said, “To: You” and “Love: God.”  To introduce the lesson, talk about gifts–who likes to get them, […]

Linen Gravecloths Prop

I made these linen gravecloths to use when we were acting out the story of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection.  They are a nice prop to have for the Lazarus story, also.  To make some, just take an old white sheet and cut into the seam every 4-5″ along the long edge.  Once you have those […]

Joseph’s Amazing Coat Prop

When telling the story of Joseph and his amazing coat, why not spice it up a bit with a coat that will truly dazzle your eyes?  This is actually a jacket that used to be my grandma’s.  She loved sparkle and bling.  I held onto the jacket because I figured it would be great for […]

Log In Your Eye Prop & Storytelling

We did a lesson a while back on judging others.  To start the lesson off my fellow teacher and I acted out a little scenario where I was wearing the above glasses and trying to get the speck out of her eye that I saw there.  I kept bumping into her head with the “log” […]

DIY Ark of the Covenant

We did a lesson about the Israelites going across the Jordan River with the Ark of the Covenant leading the way.  We acted it out, so I wanted to have a prop Ark that the kids could use.  This is my genius idea for how to do that. During the lesson I talked about how […]

Bone Prop

If you like puns, you could use this as a “funny bone” prop.  Or it would make a great visual aid for some Bible stories.  Here’s what you do to get one: 1. Buy a large, frozen turkey from the grocery store.  Hunting would work for the more adventurous, back-woods type.  (But you’d also have […]

Gift of Salvation Ribbon Box

For our lesson on the Gift of Salvation, we used this box with accompanying ribbon to explain the basics of salvation.  The idea came from The Natural Homeschool.  There’s a little key on top, so you won’t forget what each ribbon color stands for.   You can see how the ribbons are attached.  They start […]

Disciple Stick Puppets

I made these little Jesus and disciple figures to use for acting out the story of the Last Supper.  I printed out the figures from Los Niños y la Biblia.  I colored them, cut them out, laminated them, and cut them out again.  Whew!  You’ll see how we used them in the picture below.   […]

Bible Story Theatre: Jesus Walks on Water

To act out the story of Jesus walking on the water, we made a cardboard boat.  It was made from two gaylord boxes, which my husband got from work.  One end of each box was cut open so that the flap could be taped to the inner wall of the other box, making them more […]

Bible Story Theatre: Zacchaeus

We really enjoy acting out Bible stories with our kids.  The group is small enough that we can all gather together for the main story.  For the story about Zacchaeus, a teen and I acted it out while another teacher narrated for us.  I got to play Jesus, which was odd, because I don’t look […]

Good Samaritan Intro

I can’t claim this idea for myself; I saw it somewhere on the Internet.  Where, I can’t remember.  I used bananas and an orange to introduce the lesson of the Good Samaritan.  While briefly telling the story, the fruit filled in as the actors.  The bananas were the the man who was traveling, the Priest, […]

John the Baptist Snacks

Gummy worms — not locusts, but the closest thing to bugs I could get here in town. I couldn’t find any dried locusts online, but I did find some crickets on Amazon.  When talking about what John the Baptist ate, I showed this plate of crickets and a jar of honey to the kids to […]

Baptism Demonstration

For our lesson on John the Baptist, I demonstrated baptism for the kids with this mini Barbie and a clear bowl of water.  I demonstrated it a few times and asked if the kids had ever seen anyone get baptized.  Then I explained what baptism means as I was dunking Barbie.  It stuck with at […]

Armor of God Dress Up

To review the Armor of God we had a silly dress up activity.  As the items were reviewed, a child got to put on all the wacky gear we had assembled.  This was all stuff I had around the house.  The idea was inspired by a Youtube video I saw. Helmet of Salvation – metal […]

Build Your Own Christmas Stable by Juliet David

A friend of mine recently donated this nativity scene to our children’s ministry.  It was perfect timing because the night before, I had been talking with someone about getting one to display during Advent. The best place I found to purchase it is from, here.  The Christmas story is told with pictures and text […]

5-Minute Burning Bush

This is what I came up with for our recent Moses lesson when we needed a burning bush.  It was done that Sunday morning with materials on-hand in my own home, hence the cobbled together look.  Anyhow, it worked just fine, and I was rather proud of my 5-minute project.  I like to pretend just […]